Grades are complete

All late work and final exams have been added into the grade book.  Please come pick up your final exam written portion from my office (2410G) if you’d like to see them… and then you can enjoy your summer.

Buena suerte en español 2!

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Upcoming tests and quizzes to finish out the year

Our next test is on section 7.4 in the Descubre 1 texbook – Verbs like Gustar.  Students were encouraged to learn the definitions of the infinitives for Thursday, May 21st and to work to master how the verbs work in translation.  The nine assigned vhlcentral assignments should help with this.  The next tests are:

May 20 Homework

  • learn the infinitive definitions for the verbs in 7.4
  • complete the vhlcentral assignments for 7.4

May 21 Homework

  • learn how the verbs work

May 22 & 23 weekend homework

Get a start on the vocabulary for chapter 8.  Begin with the drawings and Mas Vocabulario on page 262 and 263.  Then, learn the vocabulary with the meals on page 264.  The test on this material will be on May 28th, so work on it a bit each night.

Memorial Day Weekend –

Prepare for the quiz on 8.3.  Take some time to review the material we will learn beforehand.  Be most careful with when we use tan and tanto.  Notice that this requires you to think about Parts of Speech!

May 27th Homework

Learn the vocabulary from 264 (in theory, you already learned the vocab from 262&3).  Don’t worry about perfecting the Menu tonight – you will have time to work on it after the test tomorrow.

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Reviewing for your quiz on Monday, May 18th

on the material introduced this week from section 7.2…

Please take a look at the answers to the practice test distributed today in class.

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La semana…

This week we’ll be practicing the conjugation of reflexive verbs and learning the vocabulary for the daily routine.  On Wednesday, we will have a quiz on all of the vocabulary for the chapter.  You already learned the vocabulary from the Quizlet sets on the reflexive verbs from page 237.

Now that you’ve mastered the infinitives, you’re ready for the rest.  Start learning the vocabulary from “Mas Vocabulario” on page 226 and then work to master the drawings on 236-237.  There will be a test Wednesday on both the definitions and the conjugations for the verbs.

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Aprendemos los reflexivos

Begin with the definitions of the infinitives.

Then work on verb conjugations.

Then work through simple translations

and more complex sentence translations.

Then move to vocabulary for the unit.

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El Preterito

To review, we will be continuing the work we’ve started on the preterit tense in Spanish.  Today, you’ll be working through a Quizlet series on things you should know.  In theory, In addition to reviewing things in vhl, you did this as you prepred to take the test last week.

Today, you’ll be creating written evidence of your success on the following:

  1. the definitions of the infinitives we’ve learned.
  2. simple verb conjugations of regular and stem-changing verbs
  3. simple verb conjugations of irregular verbs
  4. and don’t forget irregular verbs like conducir
  5. complex sentence translations using vocabulary you should know.
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Check your work from today in class…

by looking at the answer key.  Good Luck studying for tomorrow’s test.   I’m sure you’ll do well.

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